I consider myself an experienced and enthusiastic speaker. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at events and meetups of various sizes. I do it because I like meeting new people and sharing my passion with others.

The information on this page is for anyone who might want to invite me to their event – be it a conference or local meetup group. Use this page to learn more about me and feel free to get in touch via email or Twitter.

Past Talks

Heapcon 2019 INAT Summit 2019 Voxxed Days Belgrade 2017 Super Admins Practical UX DevDays Vilnius 2017 Umrežavanje Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016


I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking at various local meetups. These include events organized by Super Admins, Practical UX, and student conferences such as Umrežavanje.

What You Should Know

  1. I usually have a talk ready and rehearsed. But, I do always tailor it to the event.
  2. My company is interested in covering travel and logging expenses, especially if this is a possible “sponsorship oppertunity.”
  3. I am fine with giving my talk for free. Especially for local meetup groups.

I Expect That…

  1. Your conference has a code of conduct.
  2. You advocate for diversity. Both in your choice of speakers and ways of attracting attendees.
  3. Let me know of all technical and logistical details a few weeks in advance.

Let’s Have a Great Time

I don’t really care about “speaker packages”, expensive hotels, and fancy diners. More than anything I want to have a great time with the organizers and attendees. Both at and away from the conference.

I want to explore your city. I want to get a feel of the local culture. I want to know what makes this place – this community – tick.