Filip Danić

Hey! 👋 I’m Filip and I’m a software engineer. I write and nurture good code, best practices, and maintainable software. Mostly working with the JavaScript ecosystem.

The Daily Grind

I work at Amazon (FinTech) and I’m based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Over the years I’ve worked on some awesome projects for some really cool companies.

Amazon SpiceFactory Z9 Security ZKTeco KonceptApp Sava Events Ospitek Cognito Packt

Courses and Videos

I’ve published two course via Packt Publishing. Both are designed for newcomers who are just joining the industry or branching off from other IT roles. I also post videos on YouTube and Twitch from time to time.

Hands-On Web Development with React Blog Post
Hands-On MERN Stack Web Development Blog Post
Learn React by Building a Dungeons and Dragons App!


I like to speak at conferences and meetups. Sharing knowledge and meetings new people is exciting! Interested in having me speak at your event? Read more about my past experience.

I’ve Spoken At

Heapcon 2019 INAT Summit 2019 Voxxed Days Belgrade 2017 Super Admins Practical UX DevDays Vilnius 2017 Umrežavanje Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016


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