I consider myself an experienced and enthusiastic speaker. I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at events and meetups of various sizes. It is a good oppertunity, I believe, for one to explore their passion with others.

The information on this page is for anyone who might want to invite me to their event – be it a conference or local meetup group. Use this page to learn more about me and feel free to get in touch via email or Twitter.

Upcoming Talks

🇷🇸 Voxxed Days Belgrade 2017 19/10/2017

“How to Design and Build Chatbots that People will Love!”

👉 Conference site & tickets.

Past Talks

🇱🇹 DevDays Vilnius 18/05/2017

“How to Design and Build Chatbots”

👉 Conference site. Slides.

🇷🇸 Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016 30/10/2016

“Complex State Handling in Modern Web Apps”

👉 Conference site. Slides.

What You Should Know

  1. I usually have a talk ready and rehersed. But, I do always tailor it to the event.

  2. My company is interested in covering travel and logging expenses, especially if this is a possible “sponsorship” oppertunity.

  3. I am fine with giving my talk for free. Especially for local meetup groups.

I Expect That…

  1. Your conference has a code of conduct.

  2. You advocate for diversity. For both speakers and attendees.

  3. Let me know of all technical and logistical details a few weeks in advance.

Let’s Have a Great Time

I don’t really care about “speaker packages”, expensive hotels, and fancy diners. More than anything I want to have a great time with the organizers and attendees. Both at and away from the conference.

I want to explore your city. I want to get a feel of the local culture. I want to know what makes this place – this community – tick.