How to Use and Over-think the Math.max JavaScript function

In this article we’ll go over the Math.max JavaScript function and explore all the neat little tricks and programming caveats that come with this simple function. I’ll show you how to use it with numbers, arrays and objects. If you are well familiar with how Math.max works then you can skip down to the fun part (there’s a lot of interesting caveats in this one!) If you’ve never really used this function, then it might be good for you to read the whole piece.


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The 7 Day Web Dev Challenge on CodePen

Lately I’ve been working on projects and problems that aren’t related to the field of web development and I’ve started to feel my touch slipping. Naturally, in such a situation you need to find a way to keep you skills up-to-date without using too much time. As such, I decided to do my first 7 day web dev challenge and I’ll be posting my results on CodePen.

The idea is to do a fun pen every day for seven days in a row. It’s not a very difficult task for a lot of you who are probably reading this, but when you are very short on time it can be a bit of challenge. Let’s look at the plan so far, shall we?

Planned challenges (you can see the results with comments and tips below this list): (more…)

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Pure CSS3 Spinner Animation via Transform:Rotate (CodePen Snippet #3)

Today’s snippet will show you how to create a fun and practical CSS3 spinner animation. Technically, you can use something like this for your loading screens which is pretty nifty since you (for example) won’t have to use any GIFs or SVGs. It’s been a while since my last Codepen snippet so I knew I had to come back to the blog with something brand new and exciting.

I’ve been playing around with various transform properties and I’ve found that you can create some pretty cool things using rotate and scale. Let’s look at the final result and then we’ll look at the code. Here’s the preview:


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Project Euler #5: Smallest multiple – When BruteForce Actually Works!

Before I start talking about problem #5 from project Euler, allow me to tell you a brief story about myself and where I stand today. You see, a few days ago I decided to brush up on my knowledge of algorithms and data structures before I started learning some more “advanced” concepts. I heard that HackerRank is a pretty good site to work on so I decided to do their Warm-up problems and complete their first quest for the “Algorithms I” badge.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be and some of the problems involving dynamic programming reminded me of just how much I’ve fallen behind on “real” programming. And then I discovered Project Euler and hours started to pass me by as I read through the various challenges.  (more…)

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DrawTogether Project Overview & Case Study

Back in July I made a quick little tutorial about Sketch.js where I showed you how to create a basic web app that lets you draw on the HTML5 canvas in a similar fashion to Microsoft’s Paint (app source/demo). The demo was pretty cool and I got some positive feedback, most notably via Twitter and Codepen. As you can guess by now, the project didn’t end here and I’ve expanded it quite a bit.

Collaborative Drawing Board

I chose to expand this concept for a school project and I’m quite satisfied with the results. The basic idea of the project is to allow user to draw together (hence the name) via a collaborative drawing board. Project admins can give and revoke privileges to other users and privacy settings are available. There is also a fun gameification system which allows users to earn achievements when they complete certain tasks. Admin staff can also give people special awards (for example, community awards). (more…)

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