Filip Danić

Hello! 👋 I’m Filip and I’m a software gardener. 🌺 I write and nurture good code, best practices, and maintainable software. Mostly working with JavaScript. (Specifically, the React ecosystem.)

🛠 Projects

I run my own consulting gig, but really I mostly work at SpiceFactory. We’re hacking away at various projects, solving problems, and making our clients happy. If you want to learn more about the commercial stuff I’ve worked on, have a look here. Or read up on what I’m doing in open source land.

🏫 Video Course

✨ I’m working on a video course series on hands-on web development with React. (To be published via Packt Publishing in September.)

💬 Speaking

I like to speak at conferences and meetups. Sharing knowledge and meetings new people is exciting! Interested in having me speak at your event? Read more about my past experience.