keep it simple

In the past few days I’ve been browsing CodePen regularly and I’ve noticed that it’s become a sort of a trend to find innovative ways to create social media icons via CSS. Most of the attention is dedicated towards creating elegant (or flashy) CSS3 hover effects that really seal the deal. However, I’ve also found that… Read More

Sieve of Eratosthenes Algorithm Explained and Optimized

An algorithm is a finite set of instructions which can be executed step-by-step to calculate and solve a problem and today we will be looking at the Sieve of Eratosthenes. This is a very old algorithm which can be used to find the set of all prime numbers between the (non-negative) integers [2] and [n]… Read More

I’ve been messing around with LESS lately and CodePen has been a great place to work on little experiments and ideas. My latest little 10-minute CodePen Snippet is a flat-style timeline template and I have to say that I am rather satisfied with the outcome. If you need help understanding some of the code, feel free to reach… Read More