Open Source Software

The existence of open source software is one of the most beautiful things about this industry and our craft. This page seeks to document my efforts to help maintain it and create new micro modules that others might find useful.

❤️ Open Source

I’ve decided that the best I can do to get involved in big projects is to focus on improving docs, developer experience, and reporting bugs.

When it comes to small tools I try to actively contribute code. Usually this is because of a need to get a bug fixed or to speed up the addition of a new feature.

It’ve authored several open source modules of my own, and they’re used in commercial software around the world – and by people other than myself. :)

I’ll list a few of them here.

⚛️ spicy-datatable

spicy-datatable is my first OSS project that got some traction from the community. 🎉 It’s a React.js datatable component that includes search, pagination, CSV export, and localization support.

The motivation for creating this module was:

  1. Most React datatable components use jQuery for some DOM manipulation dark magic.
  2. Others were just too complex for a simple use case or did not have all the features I needed.

🛠 Utilities

I’ve authored quite a few utilities so far. I love micro modules like this and actively look for an opportunity to pluck out some code from my commercial projects and post it on GitHub.

I keep a list of them here for reference:

🐺 spwolf

spwolf is an opinionated solution for creating forms in React.js by using .spec files. Although it is very much a work-in-progress, I’m using it in production and updating things as I go. It has already saved me tons of time and effort when it comes to constructing forms, implementing validation, and diff-ing data.

Reach out!

Remember, you can always email me or reach out via Twitter, if you want to learn more. I’m also actively looking for new speaking opportunities, or going out for a beer if you’re in Belgrade. 🍻

You can also catch me on on Twitch, where I occasionally live stream. Past recording are posted on YouTube.