I am software engineer who is passionate about his craft. I work a lot with JavaScript and the surrounding ecosystem. This page is for anyone who is interested in what I’ve been up to.

Remember, you can always email me or reach out via Twitter, if you want to learn more. I’m also actively looking for new speaking opportunities, or going out for a beer if you’re in Belgrade. 🍻

You can also catch me on on Twitch, where I occasionally live stream. Past recording are posted on YouTube.

Oh, and you might be interested in my commitment to open source software as well. :)

Projects I’ve Worked On

I am employed at SpiceFactory. 🌶

With the Spice crew I’ve had a chance to take on many interesting projects. Both for the enterprise and as a way to develop our own products. I’ll only list some of the “special ones” here.

🤖 Sava

Sava is a platform that offers a complete all–in–one solution for conference organizers: a schedule editor, an interactive chatbot, a native mobile app for Android and iOS, as well as direct access to the API.

This is an ongoing project that started out only as a chatbot for the Voxxed Days conference. (Now Heapcon.)

🚨 Z9 Security

Z9 Security provides technology licensing and professional services in the physical security industry. I actively help maintain their web application that has been deployed at a number of Fortune 500 corporations. I’ve also recently taken the role of developing a new cross-platform mobile app.

🛠 KonceptApp

KonceptApp is an app for running usability tests and creating interactive prototypes. It was the first product that I’ve shipped with SpiceFactory.

It’s was a very interesting projects from start to finish due to the interactive prototype editor that we developed with React and Redux.